Blue Flower


Groenblauwe  dakpolder






Een onderhoudsvrije moestuin. We creëren een polder met een diepte van 100mm.


Een deel van de polder is sedum, ander een deel moestuin en een deel kan voor “waterplanten” zijn.


Het sedum verbruikt geen water, zo komt extra regenwater ter beschikking voor de moestuin


Grass roofs of ir. A.J.Meulenbroek ci.


Larenseweg 106, 7451 NA Holten, tel 0573-221102

CV and views on desertification


-          Youth on a farm in Twente

-          Training HTS Hengelo and TU-Delft-civil engineering

-          FAO work and Foreign Affairs Cyprus, Kenya, Mali

-          "Greenbelt" stopping the desertification in the Sahel

-          First green roof 1990 Praktiker Dessau Germany


Work in relation to building grass roofs

The Delft period 1992 to 2000

2 x cabins camping site Delftsehout

1 x holiday residence campsite Delftsehout (T)

105 views principle design 63 holiday homes on the campsite Katwijk Noord, realized by third parties (T)

1 x linking three roofs on photos at Castle

2 x cabins camping site Wapseveen


The move to Holten 2000 to 2009

1 x home Waardenburg (t)

1 x test set-up L106 Holten (T)

1 x bungalow Beerse bumps (T)

1 x Office/workshop in Maasdijk municipality Naaldwijk (T)

1 x House with sleeping floor down very fine, approaches the "contiguous design" Thorn (t)

2 x Petting Zoo Laren (Gld), nomination Architecture Prize 2003 Gelderland (T)

1 x House in Deil (T)

2 x Office in Rijssen (T)

1 x large toilet building camping Luttenberg (T)

1 x holiday residence in Vledder (T)

1 x mini home L106 Holten (T)

12 x 12 properties designed and Roodehaan Groningen 6 realized (T)

1 x unit 4 x 7 m. (carport) L106 Holten garden furniture (T)

(T) reasonably accessible for the public.

(t) by appointment through  Aloys Meulenbroek


All clients have visited Holten to look at the pilot House.

In this period are many designs and realizations of grass roof buildings by my one-man company Stevelink.


Views on desertification

Since 1990, I have the conviction that Europe is a high risk of desertification. This is the guiding principle for the design and realization of grass roofs. Climate change in Europe over the last 20 years confirms this risk. Above all the change in the distribution of precipitation and wind direction is cause for alarm. Green roofs are no more a choice but a necessity!

But above all these roof introduce a new luxury. 




In general to calculate I have to visit  to discuss technical solution and planning and choice of materials to Cyprus standard.

A brief calculation with Dutch standards.







The natural vegetation of roofs can consist of: sedum, grass, legumes or other vegetation; it can even be a vegetable or herb garden.

Is a grass roof house a choice? It shouldn’t. With our urbanization we create desertification of our environment. This should stop else a domino effect will create desertification of all Europe.


The distribution of the precipitation after place and time is chancing  strongly from a moderate sea-climate into a pattern that belongs to a continental climate.

For example, the one after the other meteorological record is broken recently especially “the driest period since” ....


The KNMI climate change predicts on the basis of meteorological statistics. Since the hydrological condition changes on the  surface, also the meteorological system is changed. This creates new causal connections that should be involved in predicting climatic developments in the future.


Now we are going "to walk" around and on grass covered roofs


 Two of the eight Groningen


Creator and Builder ir.Aloys Meulenbroek

Construction at a farm

Construction at a farm

How beautiful can a plumbing building are?

How beautiful can a plumbing building are?

Roof detail

Roof detail



Are you recovered from the initial shock?

We're going for a better House!

What do you expect?

If you really could be there, you would be able to feel how pleasant a house like this can be.

Inside, feel, smell, see; you would have to experience it, you have be inside to know.



Wijnand Beemster (editor-in-Chief urban planning & architecture) outside you have built very environmentally conscious. Within, you are rewarded with a nice bright living space, the luxury.

Once a Councilor walked right through a grass roof  House under construction. He said: the people of the province should see this to understand. Because I found this so aptly, I told this  a reporter. That  Councilor was very indignant about this. Until later I would understand that I've had a precious insight in human thinking about grass roof houses.

Are you curious? We take a look inside.

First, a bit about technique from this particular ventilation.



Technology and living comfort are components in development, we are ready for the future.


The ventilation ducts over the entire ceiling


Office in Rijssen


Recreation and ...


Cyprus the place to build a new idea on old ground.


In Cyprus the climate comfort in a house of thick walls is traditional. Why did it stop to build? This way of building does not suite other comfort but climate. Our new way of building, the natural roof has all other comfort as natural ventilation, no dust, heals and no need off airco and so a climatological comfort better than ever before. The house opens on one site and is integrated with the garden. At the back of the house the roof is part of the garden. 





Dreaming of a little step.


There was a man and his car. Driving on the road, he has a bad feeling; about fossil fuel and all the paved surface  he was driving on. But in the end at home he drives his car into the natural roofed garage and he gets a good feeling. Eating vegetables growing above where his car is.


Another little step.

“Nothing is so changeable as the weather”  so you natural roofed house can make the difference for the whole world.