Blue Flower

Grass roofs of ir. A.J.Meulenbroek ci.


Larenseweg 106, 7451 NA Holten, tel 0573-221102

CV and views on desertification


-          Youth on a farm in Twente

-          Training HTS Hengelo and TU-Delft-civil engineering

-          FAO work and Foreign Affairs Cyprus, Kenya, Mali

-          "Greenbelt" stopping the desertification in the Sahel

-          First green roof 1990 Praktiker Dessau Germany


Work in relation to building grass roofs

The Delft period 1992 to 2000

2 x cabins camping site Delftsehout

1 x holiday residence campsite Delftsehout (T)

105 views principle design 63 holiday homes on the campsite Katwijk Noord, realized by third parties (T)

1 x linking three roofs on photos at Castle

2 x cabins camping site Wapseveen


The move to Holten 2000 to 2009

1 x home Waardenburg (t)

1 x test set-up L106 Holten (T)

1 x bungalow Beerse bumps (T)

1 x Office/workshop in Maasdijk municipality Naaldwijk (T)

1 x House with sleeping floor down very fine, approaches the "contiguous design" Thorn (t)

2 x Petting Zoo Laren (Gld), nomination Architecture Prize 2003 Gelderland (T)

1 x House in Deil (T)

2 x Office in Rijssen (T)

1 x large toilet building camping Luttenberg (T)

1 x holiday residence in Vledder (T)

1 x mini home L106 Holten (T)

12 x 12 properties designed and Roodehaan Groningen 6 realized (T)

1 x unit 4 x 7 m. (carport) L106 Holten garden furniture (T)

(T) reasonably accessible for the public.

(t) by appointment through  Aloys Meulenbroek


All clients have visited Holten to look at the pilot House.

In this period are many designs and realizations of grass roof buildings by my one-man company Stevelink.


Views on desertification

Since 1990, I have the conviction that Europe is a high risk of desertification. This is the guiding principle for the design and realization of grass roofs. Climate change in Europe over the last 20 years confirms this risk. Above all the change in the distribution of precipitation and wind direction is cause for alarm. Green roofs are no more a choice but a necessity!

But above all these roof introduce a new luxury. 




In general to calculate I have to visit  to discuss technical solution and planning and choice of materials to Cyprus standard.

A brief calculation with Dutch standards.