Blue Flower


Are you recovered from the initial shock?

We're going for a better House!

What do you expect?

If you really could be there, you would be able to feel how pleasant a house like this can be.

Inside, feel, smell, see; you would have to experience it, you have be inside to know.



Wijnand Beemster (editor-in-Chief urban planning & architecture) outside you have built very environmentally conscious. Within, you are rewarded with a nice bright living space, the luxury.

Once a Councilor walked right through a grass roof  House under construction. He said: the people of the province should see this to understand. Because I found this so aptly, I told this  a reporter. That  Councilor was very indignant about this. Until later I would understand that I've had a precious insight in human thinking about grass roof houses.

Are you curious? We take a look inside.

First, a bit about technique from this particular ventilation.



Technology and living comfort are components in development, we are ready for the future.


The ventilation ducts over the entire ceiling


Office in Rijssen


Recreation and ...