Blue Flower

Cyprus the place to build a new idea on old ground.


In Cyprus the climate comfort in a house of thick walls is traditional. Why did it stop to build? This way of building does not suite other comfort but climate. Our new way of building, the natural roof has all other comfort as natural ventilation, no dust, heals and no need off airco and so a climatological comfort better than ever before. The house opens on one site and is integrated with the garden. At the back of the house the roof is part of the garden. 





Dreaming of a little step.


There was a man and his car. Driving on the road, he has a bad feeling; about fossil fuel and all the paved surface  he was driving on. But in the end at home he drives his car into the natural roofed garage and he gets a good feeling. Eating vegetables growing above where his car is.


Another little step.

“Nothing is so changeable as the weather”  so you natural roofed house can make the difference for the whole world.